Super Bowl 53 Odds For Every NFL Team (Week 14)

Here's how Vegas sees it

The NFC has captured the affections of Vegas, which now has a pair of NFC teams atop the field as we head into Week 14 of the NFL season. At the other end of the spectrum, the Jets have joined the Cardinals, 49ers and Raiders in dropping off the board altogether. Maybe next year, fellas. Here's a look at the latest Vegas odds for every NFL team. 

Super Bowl Odds

Los Angeles Rams 5/2
The first team to clinch a playoff spot, the Rams are a game up on the Saints in the race for home-field advantage.
New Orleans Saints 3/1
A disappointing loss to the Cowboys showed a little vulnerability and knocked New Orleans out of the top spot. 
Kansas City Chiefs 9/2
The banishment of top weapon Kareem Hunt could spell trouble for Andy Reid's offensive machine. 
New England Patriots 5/1
We keep shoveling dirt on the P-men, and they keep shoveling it right back off. They're still a threat in Vegas' eyes.
Los Angeles Chargers 9/1
The Chargers are coming off their biggest win in years, a 33-30 thriller in Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh Steelers 12/1
This team's deficiencies — Big Ben's decision making, a porous defense, mental mistakes — caught up with it against the Chargers.
Houston Texans 14/1
Nine wins in a row? That has to count for something. 
Chicago Bears 20/1
A disappointing loss to the Giants snapped a five-game winning streak for these latter-day Monsters of the Midway.
Dallas Cowboys 30/1
Baltimore Ravens 40/1
Minnesota Vikings 40/1
Seattle Seahawks 40/1
Philadelphia Eagles 60/1
Denver Broncos 100/1
Carolina Panthers 200/1
Green Bay Packers 200/1
Indianapolis Colts 200/1
Tennessee Titans 200/1
Miami Dolphins 500/1
Atlanta Falcons 1000/1
Detroit Lions 1000/1
New York Giants 1000/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1000/1
Washington Redskins 1000/1
Cleveland Browns 2000/1
Cincinnati Bengals 2000/1
Jacksonville Jaguars 2000/1
Buffalo Bills 9999/1
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