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Cincinnati Bengals: 2020 Preseason Predictions and Preview

By Athlon Sports, 1 month 4 days ago
In the NFL, bad records aren’t created equally. One team’s 2-14 may not be as damaging as another’s 5-11 because of the underlying circumstances or bad luck that cropped up along the way.   The 2019 Bengals likely fell into this category. Were they the worst team in football last year? The record says so, but the eye test says otherwise. Under first-year head coach Zac...

New England Patriots: 5 Most Memorable Players Who Didn't Pan Out

By Aaron Tallent, 1 month 1 week ago
The New England Patriots' signing of Cam Newton has football fans wondering what fireworks the 2020 NFL season will produce. Given how Belichick reignited the careers of Randy Moss and countless others, one can only imagine what he will do with one of the greatest dual-threat quarterbacks in NFL history.   However, many good players have signed with the Patriots for a hot minute or...

Fantasy Football Team Names for Every NFL Team

By Athlon Sports, 1 month 3 weeks ago
Finding a great fantasy football team name in 2020 can be a chore. That's why it's best to leave it to the experts. We rounded up a list of the best and even slightly vulgar fantasy football team names and have them linked below alphabetically by NFL team. So if you're a fan of the Cowboys or really hate the Patriots, or if you just want to tell your league that you drafted Julio...

Cincinnati Bengals Fantasy Football Team Names (2020)

By Athlon Sports, 1 month 3 weeks ago
What are the best fantasy football team names for Cincinnati Bengals fans? Look no further. Whether you're looking for great, funny, clever, old, new or stupid fantasy football team names to match your favorite team — the Cincinnati Bengals — we've got it right here.   The best fantasy football team names are often created by looking at the team's top players. For...

This Day in Sports History: June 22

By Aaron Tallent, 1 month 3 weeks ago
The history of sports is both vast and rich, thanks to the existence of so many different ones and the longevity associated with them. With so much history to cull through, Athlon Sports wanted to offer the opportunity to look back and see what memorable things happened or milestones were reached on a specific date.   With that in mind, June 22 is the day in which Joe Louis fought two of...

NFL Scouting Combine Records by Drill (40-yard dash, bench press, vertical)

By Aaron Tallent, 5 months 4 weeks ago
The NFL Scouting Combine has come a long way from when it first started in 1982. Gone are the days when college football players would show up and run drills for the first time while coaches with stopwatches would time them in relative obscurity. Today, athletes practice each drill like bench press, 40-yard dash, and vertical jump hundreds of times before arriving and their performances are...

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Oakland Raiders Prediction and Preview

By Antwan Staley, 9 months 2 days ago
Last week on "Thursday Night Football," the Oakland Raiders moved to 5-4 with their 26-24 victory over the Chargers. And with nine days to rest, the Raiders will hope to finish their three-game homestand in style, as they face the Cincinnati Bengals.   Through nine games this season, the Bengals are still without a victory, largely because of an inept offense. They've scored...

5 Nastiest On-Field Moments in NFL History

By Aaron Tallent, 9 months 2 days ago
Unless you live under a rock, you know that the Browns-Steelers game on "Thursday Night Football" ended in brutal fashion. Cleveland defensive end Myles Garrett ripped off Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph's helmet and swung it at him in the final seconds of a 21-7 win.   Myles Garrett doing the unthinkable and unimaginable. — Adam...

NFL London Games: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Los Angeles Rams Prediction and Preview

By Mark Ross, 9 months 3 weeks ago
Perhaps a change of scenery will help the Cincinnati Bengals when they take on the Los Angeles Rams in London's Wembley Stadium on Sunday. The Bengals (0-7) and Dolphins are the only NFL teams that have yet to win a game this season while the Rams (4-3) are hoping last week was a sign of things to come.   Cincinnati has come close a couple of times, with four losses decided by no...