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Tennessee Titans 2013 Schedule Analysis

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The 2013 season will be a critical one for all involved with the Tennessee Titans. This team needs to show dramatic signs of improvement and it is imperative the Titans are in the playoff mix heading into the final month. And since scheduling plays a huge role in the outcome of every NFL season, Athlon is analyzing every team's 16-game slate.

Tennessee Titans 2013 Schedule:

Week 1: at Pittsburgh
Week 2: at Houston
Week 3: San Diego
Week 4: NY Jets
Week 5: Kansas City
Week 6: at Seattle
Week 7: San Francisco
Week 8: BYE
Week 9: at St. Louis
Week 10: Jacksonville
Week 11: Indianapolis (Thurs.)
Week 12: at Oakland
Week 13: at Indianapolis
Week 14: at Denver
Week 15: Arizona
Week 16: at Jacksonville
Week 17: Houston

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Out of the Gate: The '13 campaign begins in rough fashion with back-to-back road trips to division frontrunners in the AFC. Starting on the road in Pittsburgh and Houston will likely have fans much less excited for the home opener in Week 3 against San Diego. The good news, however, is that both the Chargers and Jets (Week 4) are winnable home swing games that will decide much in the way of the AFC pecking order. And with the Chiefs coming to town in Week 5, a 3-2 start is well within reach — and mandatory if this teams wants to compete for a wild card berth.

Toughest Stretch: In three consecutive games, the Titans will face three teams from the best division in football. Games with Seattle, San Francisco and St. Louis are, thankfully, separated by the off weekend. An equally tough stretch of three straight road games late in the year against Oakland, Indianapolis and Denver will be tough as well. There isn't a long, arduous stretch for the Titans but each of these short three-game runs will prove to be more than difficult.

Easiest Stretch: From Week 3 to Week 5, the Titans will face three of the worst teams in the AFC all at home in Nashville, Tenn. The importance of winning at least two, if not all three, of these games cannot be understated. It is not only the three easiest games of the year not named Jacksonville, but they will come after what is all but assured to be an 0-2 start to the year. A stumble early in this stretch and the Titans can kiss their playoff hopes goodbye.

Circle The Calendar: The Week 11 Thursday night appointment in Nashville with Andrew Luck coming to town will be a great game. Not only have the Titans and Colts built a long-standing divisional rivalry — mostly because of Tennessee favorite Peyton Manning — but this game could prove critical for Tennessee. An upset win over the Colts could totally change the complexion of the AFC wild card race with plenty of time left in the season (six games) to make moves in the standings.

Divisional Notes: A road game to Houston in Week 2 will be the only AFC South game the Titans play in the first nine weeks of the year. This means, of course, that five of the final eight games will come within the division. Since this team figures to progress throughout the season, this should be considered a blessing. However, having to face Andrew Luck twice in three weeks packaged between long road trips to Oakland and Denver won't be easy. Last but certainly not least, hosting Houston in the season finale could be murderous or divine — depending on whether or not Houston is locked into their playoff seed or not.

Playoff Push: There are worse final months to the season than what the Titans will deal with but there are much better ones too. Games with Arizona at home and Jacksonville on the road in Weeks 15 and 16 are huge breaks and could provide some late-season momentum. Dates with the Colts and Broncos on the road are nasty tests that appear to be certain losses. And as stated, Houston could be needing a win to stay alive in the postseason race or could be resting all of its good players in the final week. Only time will tell.

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Fantasy Playoff Run (Weeks 14-16): The Titans’ offense won’t like how their fantasy playoff schedule starts, but for championship week the opponent couldn’t be much more appealing. Denver and Arizona both finished among the top 12 defenses in yards allowed last season, but Jacksonville came in at No. 30. The Jaguars (29th against fantasy RBs) also could provide Chris Johnson with the opportunity to be a deciding factor in championship week.

2013 Athlon Sports NFL team-by-team schedule analysis: