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Terrelle Pryor Releases Training Camp Videos After Being Cut

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Players often express their disappointment when they are cut from a team, but former Ohio State standout Terrelle Pryor had an unprecedented reaction after being dropped by the Cincinnati Bengals. After very unsuccessfully vying for a backup quarterback spot, the team sent him packing. He had a strong rookie minicamp but quickly showed flaws in OTAs. Instead of accepting being dropped, Pryor took to Twitter and released multiple videos of him participating in full drills.

While the media is not allowed to film this part of practice, Pryor clearly got hold of the videos. The move shocked the Bengals, who never saw such a bizarre reaction coming. Shortly after this outburst, Pryor removed the videos and was picked up by the division rival Cleveland Browns to play wide receiver. It will be interesting to see if he can make it at this new position, or what will happen to the Browns if he doesn’t. 

Look below at some of what Pryor put on Twitter:

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