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Is Tim Tebow An MVP Candidate?



Tim Tebow for MVP? The Tebow hype machine has really taken it to the next level. Maybe Tim Terrific can be TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year? And hasn’t Superman done enough to garner Nobel Peace Prize consideration? Really? Give the man a full season before anointing him as the greatest in the game.

If making a mockery of the MVP is the goal, at least give Peyton Manning his record-extending fifth MVP award. After all, has any player proved his value more than Manning this year? The Indianapolis Colts went from perennial Super Bowl contender to league laughingstock following Manning’s pain in the neck.

This season’s MVP discussion consists of two names — “Aaron” and “Rodgers.” Over the first three quarters of the season, the Green Bay Packers quarterback has blown out the competition; A-Rodg doesn’t even need to play the fourth quarter of the year to walk away with his first of what could be many MVP awards.

Outside of the Super Bowl XLV MVP, New Orleans Saints record-breaker Drew Brees — who became the first quarterback in history to pass for over 4,000 yards over the first 12 games of the season and is on pace to throw for over 5,300 yards, which would shatter Dan Marino’s 1984 single-season record of 5,084 passing yards — is the only other viable MVP option. Brees has the numbers, leads one of the NFL’s best teams and plays the right position to take home the hardware.

A quarterback has earned MVP honors in eight of the last 10 seasons, with Manning (four awards), Tom Brady (two), Steve McNair, Rich Gannon and Kurt Warner taking the top individual prize. Dynamic running backs Shaun Alexander and LaDainian Tomlinson each won after breaking the single-season rushing TD record.

After guiding the Denver Broncos on an unbelievable run this year, Tebow certainly deserves the worldwide praise he’s receiving — but not the NFL’s MVP award.

– Nathan Rush


Let’s see — Tim Tebow took over a 1–4 team that was in disarray and headed nowhere and led it into playoff contention. If that isn’t the definition of a Valuable Player, I don’t know what is. Whether you can add the designation “Most” is an open question, especially given the exploits of the guy up in Green Bay, but Tebow certainly belongs in the discussion.

Some would argue that the Denver defense is the team’s true collective MVP. I would counter that Tebow is a key component of Denver’s defense, even if he’s merely Tebow-ing on the sidelines while the defense does its work. Football is a game of possessions; if you don’t have the ball, you can’t score. Tebow and the Broncos are playing a remarkably effective game of keep-away. By shortening the game with the NFL’s leading rushing attack and protecting the football, Tebow and the Denver offense are playing the most effective brand of defense imaginable.

Perhaps most important, Tebow, the true believer, creates belief among his teammates. The defense, knowing its margin for error is slim, plays a little harder. The offensive line holds its blocks a little longer. And in the game’s waning minutes, the team knows its leader will make just enough plays to win.

“Just having that guy around, it makes us better men,” said linebacker Von Miller. “I think he plays for us, and he makes us want to play for him.”

Bottom line: Whether John Elway likes it or not, the current Denver formula is a winner. Will it last for the long haul? That’s debatable, but the current results are not. Tebow is the story of the NFL at the moment. He’s also an MVP candidate.

– Rob Doster