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Tim Tebow Voted America's 5th Favorite Quarterback


Well, this is interesting.

In a poll by Public Policy Polling, Tim Tebow was voted 5th among America's favorite quarterbacks for 2016. The quarterback joins the ranks of Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and Russell Wilson. Really how could you not like the guy?

Per the PPP

"We still throw Tebow in our polling because he's such a lightning rod and despite not actually having played in the NFL in 3 years he comes out as the 5th most popular QB in the league at 7% ahead of Ben Roethlisberger, Russell Wilson, Eli Manning, and Drew Brees. That's thank largely to Tebow finishing in a tie for second place among Republicans at 16%, behind Peyton Manning's 20%."

The whole report has some pretty good stats in there, from favorite to least favorite players and teams. Brady was voted America's favorite and least favorite NFL quarterback. That Brady, always showing off. 

Tebow may not be a favorite for coaches to have on their team, but the fans still seem to love him just the same.