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T.J. Ward Says Panthers Wanted Fame, Broncos Wanted Championship


It's hard to remember a Super Bowl-losing team catching this much flack. Maybe the 2007 Patriots, but many people were happy to see them lose.

The Panthers came into Super Bowl 50 with a regal aura, and it's coming back to bite them. After all the dancing and dabbing, the Panthers met their match in the Broncos. T.J. Ward says it's because of the perhaps too confident attitude of the team that allowed the Broncos to get the win.

"We don't have to say nothing," Ward said according to Yahoo. "We let them do all the talking. We let our pads talk. We talk with our helmets and our shoulder pads. They could do all the media talking, you know what I'm talking about? We're not about flashy stuff. We're about that grind, putting in that work. Grind it. Work. That's how you get the [championship]."

Pretty blunt opinions, and he didn't stop there.

"They want to be famous," Ward continued. "We want to be champions. They want to be rappers and backup dancers. We want to play football."

Even Aqib Talib called out Cam Newton, also referred to as Superman, after the win.

Von Miller took the Panthers usual dab and mocked them with the internet sensation of the Crying Jordan.