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Todd Bowles Reveals There's No 'Firm Date' For Tom Brady's Return

Tom Brady is currently away from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. No one in the public eye knows why. The Buccaneers do, but they're giving him the privacy he deserves. However, that begs the question of his return. 

Todd Bowles said last week that the Bucs expect Brady to return after their second preseason game vs. the Titans this weekend. But at this point in time, there's no exact date to target Brady's return that Bowles is aware of. 

Bowles told reporters this Thursday morning there's no "firm" date on Brady's return. With that being said, it's still likely the veteran quarterback returns at some point next week. 

"Todd Bowles said he doesn’t have a firm date for Tom Brady returning. Said it’ll be after Titans game and they’ll revisit it after that," said Greg Auman. 

It doesn't sound like Todd Bowles is concerned, which is a good thing. But this entire situation is still a bit puzzling What is causing Tom Brady to be away from his team at such an important point in the preseason?

Hopefully Brady gets things figured out and re-joins his team soon. It sounds like that could take place at some point next week.