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Tom Brady Addresses His Sideline Outburst At Bucs Offensive Line On Sunday

On Sunday, Tom Brady gave his offensive line an earful about what he thinks of its play lately. 

A video of his sideline outburst quickly went viral on social media. 

It was a bad look for the veteran NFL quarterback, who missed his team's walkthrough practice on Saturday to attend Robert Kraft's wedding. 

Brady addressed his sideline outburst during his Let's Go! Sirius XM podcast.

“I don’t know if it’s motivation, but I do think that it’s a bad day when there’s more F-bombs than touchdowns,” Brady told Jim Gray. “So that was not one of my better days. But F-bombs, they used to kind of keep from showing you in those moments but now it’s kind of for the world to see. So that’s just the way it is.”

“It’s all good,” Brady adds. “You know, I think I have a great rapport with all my teammates and they know that the only reason why I’m doing it is to try to motivate them and try to get us to a higher level. It’s nothing that I don’t say, you know, if I don’t feel like we’re living up to the expectations and playing up to the expectations that we’re capable of then that’s my job. I’m a quarterback. I’m not expecting the right tackle to do it. I’m not expecting the running back to do it. I’m not expecting the receiver to do it. I’m expecting myself to do it. I’m the one out there speaking in the huddle, calling the plays. That’s what my job is to try to get us going and to try to rally us. And there’s a lot of ways to do it. And sometimes it’s some positive encouragement, which you do a lot. Sometimes it’s, you know, getting on people and trying to raise the level, the sense of urgency, and raising my voice and trying to create a different vibration for the whole offense. And that’s ultimately what you’re trying to do.”

Tom Brady has never been afraid to give his teammates an earful. Frankly, he's deserved the right to do so with seven Super Bowls under his belt.

Brady and the Bucs will try and right the ship in Week 7.