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Tom Brady Crushes Max Kellerman For Awful Prediction He Made 6 Years Ago

Tom Brady, Super Bowl LV

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Six year ago today, ESPN's Max Kellerman made one of the worst sports predictions of all-time. 

Kellerman, who was previously a co-host on ESPN's First Take, predicted six years ago that Brady would never win another Super Bowl. He then took things a step further and said he's was on the verge of becoming a "bum."

"Tom Brady's just about done," said Kellerman. "It could be his next game he plays. It could be a year from now. But he is going to fall off a cliff. Tom Brady is going to be a bum in short order."

We call that a gigantic swing and a miss. 

Brady fired back at Kellerman with the following message on Twitter:

Not only is Tom Brady still playing at a high level; his Tampa Bay Buccaneers are one of this season's favorites to win the Super Bowl. 

Kellerman was certainly going out on a limb with his prediction. We're just curious why he was so down on No. 12. 

Since Kellerman made that prediction, Brady has won three Super Bowls, retired, unretired and started an underwear line. What a turn of events. 

Kellerman is being a good sport about it all, though. He had some fun with Brady on Twitter. 

Brady will play in his 23rd NFL season later this year.