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Tom Brady Has A Message For Tampa Bay Residents Ahead Of Hurricane Ian

Some things are way bigger than football. This week, Tom Brady and the Buccaneers are temporarily moving to Miami in light of Hurricane Ian. More importantly, Brady is hoping Tampa Bay residents stay safe this week. 

Hurricane Ian is expected to hit the Tampa area soon. Residents are evacuating the area as we speak. 

Brady is keeping Floridians in his thoughts and prayers this week. 

"The plan is, all things are kind of adjusted on the fly," said Brady. "Preparations in the NFL game are pretty intense. This is a little different for me. I've never had to deal with anything like this. We had COVID for a couple year and now with this, seems like pretty intense hurricane coming our way. I don't think Tampa, I don't think any place is very well suited for a hurricane to hit. But everyone is this area will be in our thoughts and prayers as we go through it. I know our team is going to have to adjust, go to Miami and practice there for a week. Hopefully we can come back later in the week and play against the Chiefs Sunday night. A lot of things can happen in short period of time. I think it's suited for all of us to say adaptable to the situation. I don't think anyone's really prepared for this."

Hopefully everyone stays safe. Hurricane Ian's trajectory is scary. 

The Buccaneers, meanwhile, are scheduled to play the Chiefs Sunday night. It's unclear if Hurricane Ian will impact the schedule. 

Tom Brady will be prepared regardless.