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Tom Brady's Kids: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Tom Brady's Kids

Tom Brady's Kids

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, 40, may be an all-time great football player, but he may be an even better dad. His Instagram is loaded with pictures of his three kids, John "Jack" Edward Thomas Moynahan (11), Benjamin "Benny" Brady (8) and Vivian Lake Brady (6), and it seems like there is never a dull moment in their lives. Here are five fast facts that you should know about Brady's kids:

Tom Brady's Kids: Fast Facts

1. Jack is the son of Brady and Bridget Moynahan

In what was actually quite a bit of drama at the time, Brady's long-time girlfriend, actress Bridget Moynahan, announced that she was pregnant a few months after they had broken up. Brady had already began to date his future wife, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen. While it turned out not to be a deal breaker for Gisele, this couldn't have been a situation that anyone wanted at the time.

2. Jack had a star Falcons player on his fantasy football team in a past season

While Jack couldn't have known the Patriots would end up facing the Falcons in the Super Bowl 51, Brady told ESPN that his son had an opponent on his team.

"My oldest son, he really knows the game. He had [Falcons running back] Devonta Freeman on his fantasy team, so he knows how good he is," Brady said.

Talk about a stab in the back, but luckily Brady got the last laugh, winning the Super Bowl by way of an epic comeback. Brady's tensions with Jack may not quite be finished, as they faced off in a dohyō (sumo ring) as part of Under Armour's 2017 Tom Brady Asia Tour.

3. Benny likes to dab… a lot

Benny has shown numerous times that he enjoys dabbing, and one could wonder who taught him the dance move. My guess is that he learned it from another NFL quarterback, Carolina Panthers' Cam Newton. But whoever taught Benny how to dab created a monster, as he stole the show during the Patriots parade.

This isn't the only instance of him dabbing. In March Brady showed the world a skiing report card of his son's from a family trip to the Yellowstone Club in Montana.

One can only hope that Benjamin can get his dad to use the dance move after a big play of his own next season.

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4. Vivian gets what she wants

Brady may be able to take some hard hits on the football field, but off the field it seems as if he has a pretty soft spot for his daughter Vivian.

"That little girl owns my day -- owns my life," Brady said in an interview with Entertainment Today.

He went on to say, "[I] cannot say no to anything. Whatever she tells her dad to do, that's what I do. That's just the way it goes."

At (then) four years old, Vivian seems to be interested in learning more about the sport her dad plays, and enjoys watching her dad play on Sundays..especially Super Bowls.

5. Their diet is not like a regular childs

Sure, one could say that their diet has to be different just because they have a personal chef, but the differences keep on going after that. As Brady's personal chef Allen Campbell said in an interview with the Boston Globe, the family's diet is not common in America. 

"80 percent of what they eat is vegetables," Campbell said. "[I buy] the freshest vegetables. If it's not organic, I don't use it. And whole grains: brown rice, quinoa, millet, beans. The other 20 percent is lean meats: grass-fed organic steak, duck every now and then, and chicken. As for fish, I mostly cook wild salmon."

Campbell did go on to say that he does make snacks for the children, but you aren't going to find anything unhealthy.

"For snacks, I make fruit rolls from bananas, pineapple, and spirulina," Campbell said. "Spirulina is an algae. It's a super fruit. I dehydrate it. I dehydrate a lot of things. I have three dehydrators in their kitchen. I also make raw granola and raw chocolate chip cookies."

All images: Tom Brady's Instagram