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Tom Brady Makes Fans Furious With Comment About Complaining To Refs

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady knows how to stir the pot. 

Speaking with the media on Wednesday, Brady was asked to comment on the challenges of officiating NFL games, and his response did not sit well with some fans. 

"Listen, I don't think anyone is trying to scheme anyone out of that or, that's just the way sports are... I miss throws, refs miss calls, we try to do the best we can do and when they don't go your way you just complain to the refs like I do," Brady said in a press conference Wednesday. 

After a critical and controversial roughing the passer penalty went Brady's way in Week 5, some did not like the way the Buccaneers quarterback joked about the subject. 

Some fans even reminded Brady of how he got his start in the NFL, with the "tuck rule" game being the first incident between the former Patriots quarterback and officials. 

Brady and the Buccaneers will take on the Steelers this Sunday in a game that will be monitored closely for any officiating blunders.