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Tom Brady Sends Clear Message About His Former Teammate Jimmy Garoppolo

Tom Brady spent several years mentoring Jimmy Garoppolo in New England. In other words, they developed a pretty close relationship. Brady, as a result, is pretty happy that Garoppolo is getting another shot in San Francisco. 

The Niners moved on from the veteran Jimmy G for the youngster Trey Lance during the offseason. The move has been in the making for over a year. However, Lance didn't even last two weeks. 

The North Dakota State product suffered a season-ending on Sunday. Now, it's once again Garoppolo's turn to run the show. 

Brady is happy for his former teammate, but obviously feels bad for Lance. With that being said, the Bucs quarterback believes all this adversity Garoppolo has faced will prepare him for "what's ahead."

“[I’m] obviously very sorry for Trey [Lance],” Brady said on SiriusXM podcast “Let’s Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray” on Monday. “And I’ve followed that all offseason with Jimmy, you know, kind of in his rehab and I’ve known Jimmy so well. I’ve known Jimmy since he was a rookie and Jimmy and I have been friends a long time. And just seeing him, how he’s handled kind of his own adversity, is really gonna prepare him for what’s ahead. It’s interesting in the NFL, you know, when one door closes I think another one opens.

“I think Jimmy and everyone was set on him being somewhere else. And the reality is they found a place where they could agree on something that worked for both parties and sure enough the first game at it, Jimmy’s out there playing with Trey getting injured. And as tough as it is for Trey to get injured, Jimmy steps in there and does a great job. So I think everyone is probably pretty happy with how things turned out from Jimmy’s standpoint. Obviously not with Trey and the injury. But things have a crazy way of working out. … You never know when that opportunity’s gonna present itself and when you get it, you gotta go out and take advantage of it. So I was really happy for Jimmy to go in there and do a great job yesterday.”

This could end up being the best version of Jimmy Garoppolo we've seen. He has nothing to lose and wants to prove his worth. That tends to translate well. 

The Niners take on the Denver Broncos on Sunday. Brady and the Bucs play the Packers.