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Tom Brady, Todd Bowles At Odds Over Buccaneers' Team Effort

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady

Arguably the two most important members of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in major disagreements over the team's effort level during the last few weeks. 

According to a Pro Football Talk article written this morning, a Buccaneers' website,, highlighted two vastly different quotes from quarterback Tom Brady and coach Todd Bowles relating to Tampa Bay's game-day efforts. 

While speaking on his podcast Let's Go earlier in the week, Brady was quoted saying "the most embarrassing part of our team is our effort level on game day, and that’s something we better fix.”

Bowles, on the other hand, doesn't appear to believe this is the case. 

A day after Brady made the remarks, Bowles himself spoke on the Buccaneers Radio Network and, unprompted, said the following on his team's recent performances: 

"It was huge [to beat the Rams] after losing three weeks in a row, you get very sour and you have a very sour taste in your mouth for a long time, not from lack of effort, but lack of execution, lack of doing things right." 

As pointed out in an article of their own Thursday, Bowles wasn't specifically asked about effort during his appearance on the network, he brought it up on his own accord. 

While it appears the coach and quarterback aren't on the same page when it comes to the Bucs' effort on game-day, Tampa Bay is 4-5 and currently leads the NFC South. 

The Buccaneers will have a chance to extend their division lead Sunday when Tampa Bay hosts the Seattle Seahawks.