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Top 10 Brother Duos in the NFL


This Thanksgiving, families will come together and gather around the table to break bread — eating turkey and telling stories. Some of those families will include brothers who currently strap on a helmet and play football in the NFL.

This past weekend, St. Louis Rams defensive end Chris Long went head-to-head against his younger brother, rookie Chicago Bears offensive guard Kyle Long. In fact, the brother dynamic caught the eye of the cameras when a fight broke out and the older Long ran to pull his younger brother away from the scrum.

“One way to defuse that situation was to get everybody out of there,” Chris Long said, after the game. “He happened to be a body I saw, so I grabbed him.”

The Longs may be the latest pair of brothers in the NFL, but they are far from the only active siblings in the league. These are 10 of the top brother duos currently in the NFL:

Peyton Manning, QB, Broncos
Eli Manning, QB, Giants

Archie’s boys were both the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft, they’ve combined to win three Super Bowls (Eli: 2, Peyton: 1) and four league MVPs (all by Peyton).

Jim Harbaugh, Coach, 49ers
John Harbaugh, Coach, Ravens
Jack’s sons coached against each other in Super Bowl XLVII and carry an impressive combined regular season record of 90–43.

Rex Ryan, Coach, Jets
Rob Ryan, Def. Co., Saints

Buddy’s boisterous twins are following in their old man’s footsteps as two of the top defensive minds in the game today.

Chris Long, DE, Rams
Kyle Long, OG, Bears

Howie’s sons went head-to-head this weekend, with the older brother coming away with a headlock victory to brag about at Thanksgiving.

Jason McCourty, CB, Titans
Devin McCourty, S, Patriots

Another set of twins, the McCourty brothers are a ball-hawking pair of defensive backs.

Chuck Pagano, Coach, Colts
John Pagano, Def. Co., Chargers

“ChuckStrong” has beaten Leukemia, while John has rebooted a struggling Bolts defense.

Peria Jerry, DT, Falcons
John Jerry, OG, Dolphins

Like the Longs, the Jerrys can go one-on-one at the NFL level, which they did in Week 3 — when John beat Peria, 27–23.

Clay Matthews, LB, Packers
Casey Matthews, LB, Eagles

Not as famous as Bruce and Clay Matthews — their father and uncle — these Matthews hold their own.

Dustin Colquitt, P, Chiefs
Britton Colquitt, K, Broncos

The first family of kickers has two of the better foot-smiths working their magic with the laces out.

LaRon Landry, S, Colts
Dawan Landry, S, Jets

These hard-hitting safeties do not mess around over the middle. Beware of any Landry in the secondary.