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Top 5 Quarterback Matchups for NFL's Week 3 Schedule

Another matchup between surefire Hall of Famers tops the slate but don't forget about the young guns.

With the arrival of Week 3 of the NFL season comes several more quarterback matchups worth watching. From battles between surefire Hall of Famers to recent first-rounders, there are storylines galore.

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Not even cracking this list is a faceoff between second-year starters Justin Fields and Davis Mills. There may be great potential for an ugly game, but you can never rule out a surprise showing from high draftees. Plus. there's a reunion between Russell Wilson and Jimmy Garoppolo — on unexpected terms — just eight regular-season weeks since they last met.

There's no time to waste, so let's break down the top quarterback matchups of Week 3.

Top 5 Quarterback Matchups of Week 3

5. Mac Jones vs. Lamar Jackson

Jones may only rank 25th in QBR (32.0), but he is 12th in yards per pass attempt (7.2). But we all know the real reason this game ranks so highly: Lamar Jackson. The Ravens QB is playing at or above his MVP level and is having to single-handedly carry this injured offense once again. How he handles a Bill Belichick defense merits close watching.

4. Matthew Stafford vs. Kyler Murray

Can't make any promises about a turnover-free game, but just about anything can happen when these two quarterbacks are on the field. No-look passes? Sure. Covering 80 yards of ground on a two-point conversion? You got it. Interceptions into triple-coverage? Just say the word.

3. Josh Allen vs. Tua Tagovailoa

How many guesses would it have taken at the start of the season to guess that Tua would lead the NFL in passing through two weeks? He's finally fulfilling his college potential now that he has a receiving corps to match the ridiculous Alabama recruiting classes. Whether or not his breakout is real, Allen's MVP buzz certainly is.

2. Trevor Lawrence vs. Justin Herbert

Perhaps this is a bit of wishful thinking, but we could look back at this game in a few years and see the start of a great rivalry. While they're not as mobile as some others on this list, they are two of the more gifted passers. The only thing holding back this game is that Herbert suffered a fracture to his rib cartilage last week and may not be at 100 percent.

1. Aaron Rodgers vs. Tom Brady

Make sure to treasure every Rodgers-Brady matchup because it could certainly be the last one. And they've only met four times before. Both receiving corps are depleted, especially with Mike Evans facing a one-game suspension for his part in a Week 2 brawl, but these quarterbacks are known for making a five-star lemon chiffon cake out of lemons.