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Troy Aikman Blasts NFL Team For 'Embarrassing Effort' In Week 11

Troy Aikman

Troy Aikman

Last night's game was a tough one to absorb for the fledgling Arizona Cardinals. As if it's not bad enough to get walloped, 38-10, by the visiting San Francisco 49ers, ESPN's Troy Aikman took Arizona to task on national TV. 

The disgust in Aikman's voice was apparent as he broke down this non-tackle from Antonio Hamilton.

At first blush, Aikman's commentary may seem harsh, but the broader context of the play lends credibility to his frustration. 

Lumbering tight end Greg Kittle had already shed one tackle en route to the end zone, and cornerback Antonio Hamilton had apparently given up on the play. With his team already down 31-10 at the moment, it certainly appeared he was resigned to let Kittle add another touchdown to his team's deficit. 

Aikman was hardly the only one to call out Hamilton's laissez-faire style of play, as Barstool's Big Cat added his commentary as well. 

The situation presents an interesting decision for the Cardinals. With the team not positioned for playoff contention, Arizona could opt to make an example of Hamilton and cut the cornerback. However, with seven years in the league under his belt, Hamilton's veteran status may leave him exempt from punishment this severe. 

In a year where not much has gone right for Hamilton and the Cardinals, the former South Carolina State Bulldog at least notched a milestone earlier this season with his first career interception.