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Tyreek Hill Uses 2 Words To Explain Why He Chose Dolphins Over Jets

Tyreek Hill, Miami Dolphins

Two teams were in the mix to acquire Tyreek Hill in a trade with the Kansas City Chiefs: the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets. 

The Jets were believed to be the frontrunner for a while, but the Dolphins pulled it off in the end. 

Turns out government decisions by the states of New York and Florida made a significant impact on Hill's decision.

Hill chose the Dolphins over the Jets because of state taxes.

Tyreek Hill on why he's a Dolphin and not a Jet right now: "State taxes."

We appreciate the honesty from Tyreek Hill. And it's a notable factor when players get to choose the team they play for. 

State taxes in New Jersey are sky-high compared to Florida. Why play for the Jets when you can make much more money in the state of Florida?

Hill's decision to play in Miami now makes much more sense.