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Video: Colin Cowherd Speculates Sean McVay Could Retire In 2023

FS1's Colin Cowherd

Colin Cowherd

The Los Angeles Rams and Las Vegas Raiders kick off Week 14 on Thursday Night Football.

Sean McVay's job is to coach the Rams game, which will be streamed on Amazon. But Colin Cowherd thinks the 36-year-old is vying for an adjacent job.

"I honestly believe if Amazon came up — they offered him the TV job this year he said, 'No, I'm going to stay with the Rams' — if he was offered a 3-4 year deal with Amazon to do Thursday Night Football, I think he would take it," Cowherd said.

Back in February, Amazon offered McVay as much as $100 million for five years to join its broadcasting team on Thursday Night Football. He rejected the offer to return to the Rams.

Cowherd's school of thought arises from the atrocity that is the Rams' 3-9 season, and the rebuild that inevitably comes with it.

"I do not think he wants to be part of the rebuild," Cowherd said.

Los Angeles lost six straight games during what’s shaping up as the worst season in NFL history for a defending Super Bowl champion. The Rams Week 14 injury report includes 11 players, headlined by star defensive tackle Aaron Donald. The list doesn't include players like Matt Stafford or Allen Robinson, who are out for the season.

"The Rams not only don't have top picks, Aaron Donald's hinted at retirement, Cooper Kupp's hurt again. He's 30, will be when the season starts," Cowherd said. "Matt Stafford: There's thumb, there's elbow, there's a spinal issue. Bobby Wagner's now moving closer to mid-30s."

With the season in the gutter and a rebuild on the rise, McVay could weigh his options, depending on what offers are thrown his way.

McVay was making around $8.5 million per year when Amazon offered him the Thursday Night Football job, which would've paid him nearly triple his annual salary ($20 million).

Then Rams owner Stan Kroenke gave McVay a huge raise to stay put. McVay now makes an estimated $15-18 million a year. 

Time will tell, and money will talk, if Cowherd's hunch is true or not.