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Video: Major Fight At Panthers, Patriots Joint Practice This Tuesday

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Joint practices are sometimes a great idea; other times they're a disaster. The latter took place at the Panthers, Patriots joint practice this Tuesday when a "huge" fight broke out. 

A few players on opposing teams began shoving each other. Things escalated from there when punches were thrown. Coaches and officials wound up clearing both fields to put the chaos to an end. 

"HUGE fight taking place, started with shoving and ended with a lot of punches being thrown. Both fields were cleared. Chaos in Foxboro," wrote Ethan Hurwitz.

Multiple players, including Kendrick Bourne, Kristian Wilkerson and Panthers defensive back Kenny Robinson, were kicked out of practice for fighting, per Mike Reiss. Bill Belichick isn't happy with how things unfolded. 

"Kendrick Bourne, Kristian Wilkerson and Panthers DB Kenny Robinson kicked out of practice for fighting. A sideline out to Wilkerson seemed innocent enough, but then some jawing and next thing you know, both team units were in a melee. Bill Belichick not pleased," said Reiss.

The last thing we'd want to deal with is an angry Bill Belichick. Good luck, Patriots players.