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Video: Von Miller Sends Message To Bills Mafia After Undergoing Surgery

Buffalo Bills star Von Miller.

Von Miller and the Buffalo Bills received crushing news Wednesday, as a surgical procedure found the star linebacker to have an ACL tear. Head coach Sean McDermott promptly confirmed Miller's season was over.

Demoralizing as the news is for Miller and Bills personnel, the news is crushing for fans who would love to see the team compete for its first Super Bowl victory. 

To cheer up the Bills Mafia, Miller took to social media and sent an uplifting message. 

"Bills Mafia, what's good. I'm good, man, I'll be right back," Miller began. "Mentally, I couldn't be in a better spot. I think that is the majority of it. Don't feel sorry for me...I am good. 

I am excited for the opportunity to show my teammates how tough I am, how hard I work, and how important that this is to me. I love you guys and appreciate you guys...don't blink, baby."

Miller's upbeat message serves to satiate fans and reinforce the message that the Bills' playoff hopes don't end along with Miller's season. At 9-3, a postseason run is obviously well within Josh Allen and the Bills' grasp even without Miller. 

With Miller under contract through 2026, he's not going anywhere. And his social media video reinforced that he can't wait to get back on the field.