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Vikings Star Reportedly Had To Be 'Held Back' During Joint Practice With 49ers

Vikings helmet.

This week the Minnesota Vikings and San Francisco 49ers are practicing together. Maybe that wasn't the best idea. 

Vikings star Adam Thielen saw 49ers defenders taking Vikings running backs to the ground during a drill at Thursday's practice. He was furious. 

Thielen reportedly rushed the field and had to be "held back" from getting into it with a few 49ers players. 

"Adam Thielen just rushed the field, taking exception with the 49ers taking #Vikings running backs to the ground. Had to be held back. Plenty of tension during 11s today," said Sam Ekstrom.

Tensions are always high in the National Football League this time of year. It's a good thing the teams were able to deescalate Thursday's situation before things got out of hand. 

Hopefully Thielen can keep his cool next time.