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Warren Sapp on Myles Garrett: "I See a Lazy Kid That Makes Four Plays a Game"

Warren Sapp on Myles Garrett

Warren Sapp on Myles Garrett

Everyone has an opinion on Myles Garrett.

The projected No. 1 pick in the 2017 NFL Draft is drawing a lot of praise, but that doesn't come without its share of criticism. Former NFL defensive tackle Warren Sapp has made his stance on the Texas A&M star known. According to ESPN, Sapp thinks the prospect may be a bit over-hyped.

"I don't see it from this kid," Sapp said. "I see the splash plays; everybody gets those. Where's the game he took over? Where? Any defensive lineman who's the No. 1 pick, you turn up and you say, 'There it is!' This kid, no, I don't ... I watch the tape, and he absolutely disappears."

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Sapp didn't hold back and went on to say teams may be lowering the bar when it comes to what constitutes talent.

"Once you hit the measurable, it's tough to get them old scout people off the numbers, and that's what Garrett has," Sapp continued. "He's big, and he's fast. Now some defensive line coach is thinking, 'I can turn him into something.' How? I'm trying to figure this out. Really? Are we lowering the bar?"

The former Buccaneers defenseman said he's been studying Garrett and he came to a blunt conclusion.

"I see a lazy kid that makes four plays a game," Sapp said. "This is the No. 1 guy? No, no, no. This ain't even close."