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Watch: Big Fight At Cowboys, Broncos Joint Practice

Denver Broncos helmet.

Tempers were running high at the Cowboys-Broncos joint practice on Thursday. A big fight broke out right in the middle of a drill. 

A couple of players began going at it before both teams got involved. It doesn't appear many punches were actually thrown, though. It was more of a wrestling-style brawl. 

A good majority of the players were attempting to break things up, which appeared to work as the fight deescalated within a few moments. 

"Fight between the #Cowboys and #Broncos in joint practice," said Dov Kleiman. 

That wasn't the end of it either. Players were getting a little extra chippy during the team period. 

"Cowboys Terence Steele AGAIN getting physical in another fight after the play with the Broncos and even ex-Cowboy Randy Gregory doing some jawing as well …," wrote Kevin Gray Jr. 

It's going to be an interesting couple of days here in the NFL world as joint practices get going. This won't be the last fight we see in training camp.