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Watch: SportsCenter Anchors Stunned By Jeff Saturday Announcement During Live Reveal

SportsCenter anchors Hannah Storm and Jay Harris

The news that the Indianapolis Colts would hire former center Jeff Saturday as their interim coach following the firing of Frank Reich on Monday morning stunned just about everyone around the NFL.

Looks like those charged with delivering the news were just surprised as the rest of us.

SportsCenter anchors Hannah Storm and Jay Harris were clearly caught off guard by Adam Schefter's report that the current ESPN analyst would be taking Reich's place as the Colts' head coach. Check out the video below.

“A shocking twist to that story is that our colleague Jeff Saturday, who actually was supposed to appear on this program tomorrow as part of his regular duties with ESPN, he has been named the interim head coach of the Indianapolis Colts," Storm said. "Jeff Saturday, who played with the Colts for, what, 13 seasons, won a Super Bowl with Peyton Manning as they beat the Bears in Super Bowl 41. Five-time Pro Bowler there, but no coaching experience other than coaching a high school in Georgia. So our colleague Jeff Saturday has now been named the interim coach despite the fact that Gus Bradley, a former NFL head coach with a lot of experience, sits on that staff as defensive coordinator."

The best part is that Saturday, whose only coaching experience has come for Hebron Christian high school in Georgia, was scheduled to be on SportsCenter Tuesday to break down the week in the NFL. Guess ESPN will have to find someone else to fill that spot.

Saturday will make his NFL coaching debut when the Colts face the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday.