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Week 2 All-Dud NFL Fantasy Team

Mike Evans

Mike Evans

Every week it happens. Someone on your starting fantasy roster, maybe even the stud that you are expecting (and needing) to carry your team to victory, completely and utterly sucks.

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You can do all the fancy calculations you want. You can check out all the weekly scoring projections you want. You can trust your gut. Heck, you can even flip a coin. But sometimes, no matter what you do, it’s just bound to happen that your first-round draft pick scores 2.3 fantasy points and kills any chance you have in winning that week.

What’s that famous French saying? C’est la vie!

Let’s see who made the Week 2 All-Dud Fantasy Team

QB: Drew Brees (13.1 fantasy points)

How many of you thought thatBrees was going to light it up on Sunday going up against a Tampa Bay defense that the week before allowed a rookie quarterback, starting in his first-ever NFL game, to throw four touchdown passes against them? I know I did. To make things even more tantalizing, Brees was playing at home where he traditionally has huge games. Somehow, Brees and company managed to score only 19 total points against the Buccaneers and even though the Saints were playing catch up, Brees managed only 255 passing yards and one touchdown pass. What happened?

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RB: Jeremy Hill (0.1 fantasy points), Ameer Abdullah (1.8 fantasy points)

Let`s start with Hill. If you’re a Hill owner, you really have to start being concerned. The Bengals' offense has looked very good in the first two weeks of the season, and that is without Hill doing anything. What is even more concerning is that he got benched against the Chargers because he lost two fumbles. No starting running back is going to see the field very often if they cough up the ball that often. When Hill was in the game, he only averaged 3.9 yards per carry. Then after he got benched Giovani Bernard comes in and goes off for 123 rushing yards and averaged six yards per carry. You now have to wonder what Hill`s role will be in week 3.

As for Abdullah, is it time to jump off the hype train? I know it is only one week, but Abdullah did not look good against a Vikings defense that the previous week let Carlos Hyde and company run for a total of 230 yards and two touchdowns. How bad is it when Matthew Stafford leads your team in rushing with a whopping 20 yards? Things get really interesting next week for Abdullah as he goes up against the Broncos. Will you trust him enough to put him in your Week 3 lineup?

WR: Mike Evans (0 fantasy points), Kendall Wright (1.7 fantasy points)

How upset are you if you were watching the injury report all Sunday morning, found out that Evans was going to play against the Saints, and then ran to your computer (or mobile device of choice) and put him in your starting lineup? Surely you were hoping that Evans would steal some of Austin Seferian-Jenkins' catches and maybe, just maybe, throw up a similar stat line of five catches for 110 yards and two touchdowns like he did Week 1. Instead Evans puts up a goose egg. That’s unacceptable in fantasy land. He played 40 of 66 snaps and was targeted three times. The least he could have done is catch one ball. Yes, it’s true that he was probably inserted into the lineup as a decoy, but you didn’t put him in your starting fantasy lineup as a decoy. This is a situation you will have to monitor closely moving forward.

Wright was one of the most added players off the waiver wire in Week 1. He looked awesome with Marcus Mariota throwing him the ball. He had four catches for 110 yards and one touchdown and nobody started him in Week 1. All of a sudden he jumps up to 86 percent owned (in Yahoo! leagues) and manages a pathetic two catches for 17 yards. What’s the deal?

TE: Zach Ertz (1.7 fantasy points)

This spot also could have gone to Austin Seferian-Jenkins, but I went with Ertz because he was drafted higher than Seferian-Jenkins, as the Eagle TE was basically on everyone’s “all-breakout team for 2015” and he was the most targeted pass catcher on his team in Week 2 with seven targets. But he allowed himself to get swallowed up on both of Sam Bradford’s interceptions (one of which was in the end zone). Moving forward things don’t look good for Ertz’s breakout potential. I would imagine that Bradford will be looking for someone else in the end zone until Ertz can gain some credibility with his quarterback.

DST: Baltimore Ravens (-1 fantasy points)

This award could have also gone to the Tennessee Titans for allowing Johnny Manziel to actually look like a starting NFL quarterback, the Buffalo Bills for forgetting how to play defense, and the St. Louis Rams for allowing a horrid Washington Redskins offense, led by rookie running back Matt Jones, to beat them to a pulp.

But hands down the easiest choice are the Ravens. They were playing the Oakland Raiders and they scored no points. Read that again. They played the Oakland Raiders and actually cost their owner a point. That’s unbelievable. If you stream defenses or even if you started the Ravens D in your daily fantasy lineup, they screwed you over big time. Do they miss Terrell Suggs that much?

— Written by Michael Horvath, who is part of the Athlon Contributor Network. Horvath is a Canadian who also happens to be a fantasy football (not to be confused with CFL) and fitness nut. Follow him on Twitter @realmikehorvath.