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Young Steelers Player Thought James Harrison Had Retired


Let's just file this under awkward.

James Harrison is 37 and still a scary player in the NFL. The Steelers linebacker is a monster, and everyone knows it. From his intense Instagram videos to his aggressive nature on the field, nobody wants to get in this guy's way.

During an interivew with 93.7 The Fan, offensive lineman Ramon Foster gave a funny anecdote about how one of the young Steelers wasn't even aware that Harrison was still an active member of the NFL.

"It was a young guy," Foster said. "I won't say who it was... he actually thought James was retired, and he was just here helping out. So everything that he's seen him do in the weight room, he's got to realized that that's what he's about to go through. So he was like, 'Man I thought that dude was retired and helping out!' I was like, 'No, he'll be out here real soon,' and he's like, 'Oh.'"

Here's just a small taste of the beast that is James Harrison.