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Andre Johnson Hamstring Recovery Slower Than Expected? Speculation Abounds

Andre Johnson's hamstring surgery is causing a lot of speculation in fantasy football circles. While the Houston Texans star wide receiver  was originally scheduled to only be out "a couple of weeks" but there is some speculation that he could be out longer than the initial prognosis of week 7 or 8.

The Texans traded for veteran wideout Derrick Mason this week from the Jets. The Texans are also going to sign another wide receiver, Juaquan Iglesies to their practice squad. 

Are they piling up wideouts in anticipation of being without their star for longer than expected? CBSSports' Mike Freeman is also wondering as much, and while Johnson hasn't come out and publicly said anything, it's worth monitoring.

The Texans are refuting it, and Johnson says he feels good and his soreness has gone away. But for fantasy owners, the additions of two extra receivers should be something to keep an eye on. 

Hamstring issues always have a history of lingering (it feels like that for fantasy owners, anyway). And the Texans have showed caution this year with Arian Foster after trying to rush him back early in the year, they gave him an extra week to get back to 100%. The Texans may be showing that same caution with Johnson.

Derrick Mason may be worth a flier for the next week or two as he goes from a dysfunctional offense to a very functional one. He probably also has a chip on his shoulder after getting sent packing from the Jets.