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Arian Foster, Felix Jones, Knowshon Moreno and Beanie Wells: Who To Start and Who To Sit

A few big names are listed as game time decisions this week in fantasy football. Here's who you should sit and who you should start.

Arian Foster: Do Not Play
Arian's becoming a weekly regular in this feature (not to toot our own horn, but we told you to sit him last week, when he was scheduled for 20 touches, but got bupkus). With his hamstring still bothering him, it looks like he's not going to play today. So while it's an easier call this week to sit him, Foster owner have to start getting worried that this is what his seaosn will look like. With Ben Tate filling in more than capably, this could be a story we hear every week in 2011.

Knowshown Moreno: Do Not Play
Moreno is also struggling with a hamstring (is it me, or are hamstring's this year's concussion?). And while he is a game time decision, I'd go ahead and sit him. Hamstring injuries are never good, and most fo the time they have a tendency to flare up and take a player down numerous times throughout a year, so I always err on the side of caution when I hear someone has a hammy issue.

Broncos coach John Fox came out and said that Willis McGahee is going to get the bulk of the carries. And since Moreno doesn't get the goal line carries, there's not a whole lot of upside to this play. Sit him with confidence and slot your other options in.

Felix Jones: Play in a PPR, Sit in a Non-PPR
While it's hard to say with a Monday Night game, I would play Felix Jones only if you are in a PPR league. He's going to be active after struggling with a shoulder injury. It looks like the Cowboys will look to get DeMarco Murray and Tashard Choice involved, but if Jones is as healthy as they say he is, I would assume that he's going to play his normal role in the passing game, but they may let the healthier backs take some of the beatings around the goal line. He will probably lose most of his red zone carries, but he should still finish with a handful of receptions.

Beanie Wells: Play
The hot news running through fantasy sites this week was that Beanie Wells wasn't going to be a good play because the Seahawks have been great against the run. But we have to remember that we're only 2 games into the season and one of the teams the Seahawks played was the anemic San Francisco 49ers, who's offense is pretty easy to shut down. Since Alex Smith can't put the ball downfield, the Seahawks just stacked the run. So I would say the jury's still out on how good the Seahawks defense is. 

Beanie said yesterday that he was just fine, so it looks like he's going to play. The Arizona Cardinals running back has looked good so far this year, so there's no reason to stop going to the Wells (see what I did there?). Play him with a little concern, but he's done you well so far. Hopefully Larry Fitzgerald can open up and stretch that defense, giving Beanie a few more open holes to break through.