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Arkansas' Joe Adams Has Greatest Punt Return Ever (Video)


Arkansas senior Joe Adams had one of the greatest punt returns in the history of punt returns against the Tennessee Volunteers on Saturday.

Never before has a punt return gone from so stupid, because Adams started running backwards, then sideways, then backwards again, to so brilliant when he made a few cuts to make a few Volunteers miss and then finally break away to take it all the way to the house.

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It's hard to say how many yards he actually ran during this punt return, but it seems like he ran anything but forward at least as many yards as he went upfield.

It's hard to say if this is more of poor defense and bad tackling than brilliant punt returning skills, but you can't take anything away from Arkansas' Adams for this punt return. He probably should've been tackled a few times, but the fact that he had such little space and juked his way to a touchdown makes this one of the greatest punt returns in history.