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Bad News Felix Jones Owners; DeMarco Murray is the New Dallas Cowboys' Back

Remember whenFelix Jones was one of those fantasy football preseason draft darlings.

"He put on weight!" you said.

"Marion Barber is gone, so he's going to get the goal line carries" you said.

"The only back who could eat into his playing time is Tashard Choice." you said.

Oh, if we could only hear everything fantasy footballers said before, during and right after a draft. 

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Because the truth is, Felix Jones has had a poor season, even by Tashard Choice standards. He hasn't put up rushing numbers, he only has one touchdown, he only has one 100 yard rushing game. And he hasn't even put up a lot of catches, for a guy who was going to kill it in PPR leagues. 

And now he's in a protective boot, and could miss another three weeks. But that's not the worst news.

When back-up to the back-up DeMarco Murray blew up for a Cowboys' record-setting 253 yards against the Rams, that sound you heard was the hot air coming out of Felix Jones owners.

Yes, the Rams are bad. But 253 yards from one guy is insane. As bad as St. Louis has been all year, no one's put up 200 yards on them. 

All this points to a changing of the guard in Big D. Murray will be going up against an almost equally anemic run defense in the Eagles this weekend, before seeing the Seahawks stout defense in week 9. If Murray puts up two more solid weeks, it's almost impossible to imagine that the Cowboys would give the majority of touches back to Felix.

And now that Tashard Choice injured his shoulder against the Rams, DeMarco Murray will have the backfield all to himself. This is his chance to take the starting job and literall run away with it. Because Felix had plenty of chances to be the big dog in Big D, but DeMarco is now in the perfect position to have his day.