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Bear Spotted Galavanting Through California Neighborhood


Equidistant from San Francisco and Sacramento, Fairfield is a commuter town located at the base of Lake Berryessa surrounded by farmland and the rolling golden hills that give California its nickname.  Fairfield also happens to be my hometown.  Take it from me, nothing too exciting ever happens in Fairfield.

Black bears rarely pose any kind of threat and typically do their best to stay away from people.  However, multiple residents near Woodcreek Park on Fairfield's west side reported seeing a black bear wondering the park and going from porch to porch looking for what we must assume is food and water.  

Bear Spotted Roaming Through Fairfield Neighborhood

Startled resident Rich Doyle told ABC10 news "[his] neighbor's light came on and I see this big animal and I'm thinking, that's no darn dog!"  

Fairfield police Lt. Kelly Romback assured residents "California Fish and Wildlife was notified about the bear and are monitoring the situation.  There is not a plan to capture and relocate the bear currently.  We hope the bear returns to a more remote and suitable environment naturally."  

Residents have been advised to keep their pets indoors and trash cans out of sight.