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Ben Roethlisberger Not Starting Against the Rams

Ben Roethlisberger has a bad ankle. He didn't blame it for his poor, 3-interception performance against the 49ers last week, but it's going to cause him to be on the bench for the Steelers Week 16 game against the St. Louis Rams.

It's a mixed blessing for Roethlisberger owners. If you somehow managed to pull out a win after his crappy showing last week, at least this week you don't have to struggle with the decision to start him this week and can put all your eggs in your back-up quarterback's basket.

But this also affects Rashard Mendenhall, Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown. Charlie Batch will start in Roethlisberger's place. Normally this week, Steelers wide receivers would be salivating to go up against the Rams horrible secondary. All year opposing wideouts have been running up and down the field at will against St. Louis. 

Batch is a serviceable quarterback, but he doesn't have the timing that Ben has with his starters. They should do something here and there and put up some points, but not the kind of points you would hope for on championship week.

But, on the flipside, this is great news for Rashard Mendenhall owners. No Ben Roethlisberger means that the Steelers are going to run the ball against a very sketchy run defense all day long. And Mendenhall can put a lot of fantasy teams on his back and take them to a fantasy football crown.