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Bill Maher Tweet Outrages Tim Tebow Fans; Sparks Calls for HBO Boycott

Surprise, surprise. Tim Tebow's followers want to bring down HBO after an atheist made a blasphemous joke about the annointed Denver quarterback. Tebow, who is devoutly religious (he has a knack for putting Bible scripture on his eye black) has been a polarizing figure since he came to the NFL is at the center of another debate surrounding his combination of poor quarterbacking skills and Hall of Fame-worthy worship skills.

On one hand, he's not a great traditional quarterback. He's not great at throwing or doing the things you'd expect a quarterback to do, but he somehow manages to win games (his defense and kicker help a lot, too), so that makes the pundits mad that they can't explain his success. On the other, his fervent religiousness has made him a poster child for lots of Christians who have insinuated that God is pulling for the Broncos now that Tebow is behind the helm, and that makes everyone else mad.

So when Bill Maher tweeted "Wow, Jesus just f---- #TimTebow bad! And on Xmas Eve! Somewhere in hell Satan is tebowing, saying to Hitler "Hey, Buffalo's killing them" it really made Tebow's Christian followers very, very angry. Maher, who is a devout atheist and star of his documentary "Religulous" probably couldn't be more pleased to tweak the religious right with a single tweet.

Was the tweet in bad taste? It depends on which side of the Tim Tebow fence you fall on. But regardless, there are calls to boycott HBO, which broadcasts Bill Maher's "Real Time" show.

But, as usual, the outraged have missed the point. Maher is a devout and vocal atheist. Do you really expect anything else from him? And if you hate what he says so much, you're only bringing attention to him and his show by calling for boycott's of it. Guess what all this controversy and furor is going to do for Maher's ratings when his show returns in January? They're going to be higher than ever because people are going to tune in to see what he's going to say next.

And what do you really care what he says about Tim Tebow? If you don't like his show, don't watch it. Or, if you really want to do Bill a favor, picket it. Start a petition and get the word out about what a horrible and controversial show Maher does. Because there's a pretty good chance if Christians are boycotting his show, it's win-win for Bill. He gets tons of free publicity without losing any of his audience.