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Can We Stop With the Tim Tebow vs Tom Brady Comparisons

Stop. Please stop. OK, so Tim Tebow is having a good run. But just because the Denver Broncos are playing the New England Patriots doesn't mean that Tim Tebow is squaring off against Tom Brady.

By calling it Tebow vs Brady, we're putting Tim Tebow (the guy who has started, like, 11 NFL games) in the same breath as Tom Brady, possibly the greatest quarterback of all time. Does anyone think this whole Tebow-mania has gone even farther than way too far now?

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to take anything away from Tim Tebow's recent run. OK, fine, I do. I want to take a lot away from it. Let me explain:

The Denver Broncos' winning streak can barely be attributed to Tebow's play. On almost any other team, his 3 quarters of "zeroics" would put his team out of the running for a 4th quarter comeback. It's not Tebow who's winning these games, it's the Broncos' defense and special teams that's winning these games. Remember when the Bears made it to the Super Bowl in 2006 riding Rex Grossman, a stellar defense and a special teams that no one had ever seen before? 

Do you think a Bears-Patriots match-up would be "Grossman vs Brady?" Let me answer that for you: it definitely would not. (Well, maybe they would be if he "Grossman'd" after every big win.)

But this year, since Tebow has become the poster boy for Jesus, there's something "spiritual" about Denver's run. As if God is wearing his Tebow jersey every week and magically makes things happen in the Broncos' favor just to see his second favorite son win another one.

But if anything, God's wearing a Vonn Miller jersey. Or a Matt Prater jersey. Or a Vonn Prater jersey (he's God, he can do awesome stuff like that.)

Let's go over the Tebow's winning streak, with reasons you can point to (that has nothing to do with Tebow) why the Broncos' won that game.

Against the Bears: Caleb Hanie is not good at football. Marion Barber is an idiot. And then, Matt Prater.

Against the Vikings: Due to injuries, you were next in line to play corner for the Vikings.

Against the Chargers: Some Sundays, the Chargers forget how to play football. This was one of those Sundays. Oh, and Matt Prater never forgets how to kick field goals.

Against the Jets: OK, this comeback was pretty cool. But if Sanchez doesn't throw a pick 6, Tebow's last second run makes it a 13-10 Jets win.

Against the Chiefs: Tebow was 2 for 8. I don't need another reason.

Against the Raiders: Willis McGahee ran for 163 yards. 39 more than Tebow threw for. And Eddie Royal returned a punt for a touchdown. 

Against the Dolphins: Denver got the onside kick and the Dolphins laid down.

So, while Tebow gets all the glory, the Denver defense is the real MVP of this team, keeping other teams off the scoreboard just enough so Tebow can shred a few prevent defenses on his way to being the reason for the season.

So, instead of Tebow vs Brady, can we please start referring to this Sunday's Pats-Broncos game as Brady vs A Very Good Defense, a Great Kicker, Pretty Good Special Teams and a Guy Who Hikes the Ball.

Thank you.