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Carlos Beltran traded to San Francisco — a win-win-win deal

Finally, a trade where everybody wins. Carlos Beltran gets his wish to play for a winning team with a shot at the playoffs--The San Francisco Giants--while playing to impress baseball executives before a winter of free agency.

The NY Mets win by getting highly regarded pitching prospect Zack Wheeler from the Giants. Wheeler was the sixth overall pick in 2009 and has been pitching at High-A San Jose.

The Mets, clearly not going anywhere this season, opted to acquire something a little more tangible than an extra draft pick for Beltran. That would have been the compensation had the Mets allowed Beltran to walk at the end of the season as a free agent. The 21-year-old Wheeler is averaging more than 10 strikeouts per nine innings in 37 minor league games.

The Giants actually win as well. With a pitching staff stout enough to repeat as World Series champions, the Giants have not been able to score runs easily this season. Beltran’s bat in a contract year could just be the final piece to the puzzle. San Francisco needs a feared run producer in the middle of the order and Beltran gives the Giants just that.

However, there is one caveat to Beltran’s run producing ability. In 22 games and 87 at-bats at SBC Park by the bay, Beltran has never homered and has just eight RBIs. But of course, that was against the Giants’ pitchers. Now he’ll be facing more hittable pitching.

Sure the Giants gave up a tremendous prospect, but one thing San Francisco has is young pitching. Assuming that Beltran walks at the end of the season, the Giants will get draft picks in return.