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A Case For Why Oklahoma State Belongs in the BCS Title Game Instead of Alabama

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Oklahoma State might be the reason major changes take place in the BCS next year, or they may be the reason college football finally goes to a playoff system. This year, which was a very weird year, illustrates the flaws in the current college football system.

Let's look at the case for Oklahoma State versus the case for Alabama to play the LSU Tigers in the national title game. The Tigers are unquestionably deserving of their spot in the BCS title game, having gone undefeated in one of the toughest conferences in the nation.

But when you look at Alabama's resume, it looks like this:

Alabama's wins over teams appearing in last week's BCS Top 25: 2
They beat the 8th ranked Arkansas  and 21st ranked Penn State.

In contrast, the Oklahoma State Cowboys have wins over 5 Top 25 teams (again, these rankings are from before Saturday's games): 5
They beat 10th ranked Oklahoma Sooners, Kansas State, Baylor, Texas Longhorns and the Missouri Tigers.

Alabama's wins over bowl-bound teams with winning records: 3
The Crimson Tide beat Penn State on the road, the Auburn Tigers on the road and the Arkansas Razorbacks at home.

Oklahoma State's wins over bowl-bound teams with winning records: 7
The Cowboys beat Louisiana, Tulsa, Missouri, Baylor, Kansas State and Oklahoma. A much longer list of quality wins.

Oklahoma State won their conference, while Alabama didn't even make it to their conference championship.

The description of each team's loss:

Alabama lost a low-scoring, poorly played game to LSU at home in overtime.

Oklahoma State lost on the road to a very low-ranked Iowa State team in double overtime. And it must be said, and this is something that computers can't understand, that the Oklahoma State Cowboys team had just suffered the death of two of their coaching family members in a tragic plane crash just a day before the Iowa State game. Shouldn't that count for something?

Also, the foregone conclusion that the SEC is by far the best conference is why Alabama is playing in the BCS championship game instead of Oklahoma State. But when you look at the number of quality wins, you would think that Oklahoma State would have a much better resume and deserve to play for the national title over Alabama.