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Cedric Benson's Last Game Before Suspension?

Cedric Benson will probably be suspended by the NFL early next week. So enjoy him now.

Fantasy football owners are going to be very glad the NFL waited a couple extra weeks to suspend the Cincinnati Bengals running back, with Cinci going up against the hapless Jaguars in Week 5.

Originally it looked like Benson's suspension was going to take place a couple weeks ago, causing him to miss good match-ups against Buffalo and Jacksonville. Last week, Benson had a 100 yard game against the Bills, and he should do at least as much against the Jags, who give up 107 yards on the ground per game.

The one extra upside to Benson's play against Jacksonville, is that the Benglas have a pretty good defense. And they should keep the struggling (and let's just face it, really bad) Jaguars offense from putting up a lot of points.

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If this game goes the way it should on paper, the Bengals will most likely have a somewhat comfortable lead going into the second half, which means they will pound it on the ground a lot. Which means a heavy dose of Cedric Benson. I would look for 125+ yards from Cedric and at least one score, if not two.

And since it looks like he'll be suspended for one-to-three games (the announcement could come early this week), this game should be anice one for him to go out on.

Also keep an eye on Bernard Scott, the Bengals back-up who will fill in for Benson when he is finally suspended. Scott won't do a whole lot, but week 5 starts the byes, which means you'll probably be scrambling to fill in for someone on a bye, and you could do worse than Scott. Just as long as you don't expect too much production out of him.