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Clemson's Punter Gets Destroyed By Florida State Player (Video)

Clemson Tigers' punter Dawson Zimmerman took a brutal hit that flipped him over when he was in mid-punt in the game against Florida State.

Right as he was kicking the ball, a rushing Florida State Seminole hit his legs with full force. Dawson flipped over and landed horribly on his head and neck. His knee was hit right as he was hit and he laid on the field for a while before walking off. He didn't return to the game and was seen with a pack of ice on his knee. 

The Seminoles were called for a roughing the punter on the play.

The Tigers placekicker had taken over punting duties for the remainder of the game. 

This was easily one of the most brutal plays a punter has ever taken. It's amazing he didn't have his leg broken, or worse, tear an ACL or MCL on this play.

The one really interesting thing about this play is that it may cause the NCAA to look at a rule change. Since this penalty occurred with just seconds left in the first half, the penalty against FSU didn't have much of an affect on the Seminoles. More teams in similar future situations could put punters in jeopardy, and the rull committee should look at enforcing this penalty in the second half, when it has an impact.