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College Sports Myths Debunked (Infographic)

Created by: Online Masters Degree

College Sports Myths

A lot of people think college sports is an incredibly profitable industry that makes billions on the backs of the free labor of their athletes. And sometimes that is the case. But when you dive down into the numbers, you find that college athletics isn't as profitable as initially thought.

Many college sports don't pay for themselves and rely on subsidies to turn a profit. And college tend to spend much more on their student athletes than they do on their actual students.

And while the spector of whether schools should pay their athletes looms large, many of the athletic scholarships fall short of covering the cost of school for many of the student athletes. By over $3,000.

And for fans of college athletics who think their schools should pony up a few more bucks for better facilities to get better athletes, there's actually no correlation between spending more on athletics and winning more.

And while it would seem that the most important reason for attending school is to graduate, 34% of college basketball players fail to graduate from university (only 1% go to the NBA) and 31% of college football players fail to graduate (only 2% go to the NFL). So schools, it seems, do very little to ensure that their student athletes finish college.