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Darren Sproles Is Not Getting Enough Fantasy Love

Darren Sproles has been putting on a show for PPR fantasy football teams the first two weeks of the season, but no one seems to be taking notice.

Sure, the New Orleans Saints' all-purpose player not a top-5 back, but Sproles, a guy who was going in the 10-15th rounds in most leagues has been an amazing value for PPR teams so far this year.

Other teams probably snickered and giggled when you drafted him in your league, but you're the one who's laughing now.

But, still, he doesn't seem to be getting the love in weekly rankings. So far he has 15 receptions in the first two games and has found the end zone twice as well. He's been putting up 18-20 points per game in PPR leagues. That's more than 95% of other backs in the league. Including ones that went in the first round (cough, Arian Foster, cough).

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Sure, if you look at his classic running back line, he looks terrible. He's only got 6 rushing attempts for 24 yards. A great average per carry, but his rushing numbers aren't what's going to bring home any championship trophies, but it's his receiving that will make him a Top-10 back when the season is said and done.

Right now, Sproles is on pace for 112 receptions. That's up there with the top receivers in the game. The ones that were drafted in the first and second rounds. Sure, he won't have the same yards and touchdowns to show for it, but the way PPR leagues work out, the reception is a much more efficient way to get points. 

One reception for no gain, is basically worth the same as one reception for 8 yards. And even if Sproles reception pace trails off (which it probably will), getting a guy with 75 catches in your flex or RB2 spot then you will have a much better chance of walking away with a championship this year.

It seems like guys like Sproles are the ones that are the secret to winning your leagues. He's not the sexy pick, but you can skip going after a second running back in the 3rd and 4th rounds, allowing you to beef up on another wide receiver or top QB, only to pounce on his value in the later rounds. It's time we gave this guy some more fantasy football love.