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David Ortiz and the Red Sox Bench Clearing Brawl with the Orioles (Video)

The Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles got into a bench-clearing brawl on Friday night when David Ortiz and Kevin Gregg threw punches at each other.

David Ortiz is a very large man who can connect on very small baseball's thrown at high speeds. But he wasn't able to connect on a large man (Orioles pitcher Kevin Gregg) who yelled at him for not running out a fly ball.  According to Gregg:

“I think you show them that we’re not backing down. We’re not scared of them—them and their $180 million payroll,” said Gregg, who angered Ortiz with back-to-back inside pitches. “We don’t care. We’re here to play the game. We have just as much right to play the game here and we’re going to do everything we can to win.”

Gregg didn't mention that his team had been blown out for the second night in a row by the Boston Red Sox and their $180 million payroll.