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Deer Swims Across Alabama's Lewis Smith Lake


If you would have told us deer can swim, we would have called you crazy at the very least. Even if we believed you and bought into the whole deer can swim thing, we would have never guessed they can get up to about 15mph in the water. Mind blown.  

Smith Lake, the largest and deepest lake in Alabama, sits about an hour north of Birmingham. A variety of bass inhabit Lake Smith, making it a favorite among anglers. A local once described it to us as a place where the bass flows like wine and the fishermen instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.  

Apparently, swimming in lakes is a not so uncommon activity for deer and this guy must love acorns, because he is heading for an island known to attract deer. 

See Video Here

Dennis Robbins, whose voice you hear in the video, was fishing in Smith Lake when he came across this particular deer swimming by his boat.  "Hang on, Buddy!" shouts Robbins from his boat. 

We'd like to think his words of encouragement helped that deer make it.  

Kudos to you, Dennis Robbins. The deer of Smith Lake thank you.