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Delone Carter, Danny Woodhead, Tim Hightower and Greg Little: Who You Should Play And Who You Shouldn't

Here we are in week 6 of the NFL fantasy football season and difficult decisions need to be made. With byes decimating some teams, it's hard to decide who to take a flier on. Here's what you should do with four of them.

Delone Carter: Don't Play
Delone has been the darling of the waiver wire this week, but this is not an ideal match-up for him against the Bengals, who have one of the top defenses against the run. If Carter had performed admirably last week when he took over for the injured Joseph Addai, we'd say give him a shot, because he does seem to have the goal line duties. But back-up Donald Brown seemed to outplay him last week, which means there's a good chance the two will split carries against Cincinnati. Not a good place to be even for a top back. The most you can hope for out of Carter is 40-50 yards and a touchdown. That's his upside. If you have another sure thing in your backfield who's guaranteed more than 12 touches, go that route. It just doesn't seem like a good situation for Carter this week.

Danny Woodhead: Don't Play
Ahh, the game-time decision. The bane of the fantasy football player's existence. And that's what the Patriots' Danny Woodhead is this week. And that's why you should sit him. The Pats are firing on almost all cylinders now with Aaron Hernandez back and the man with the law firm name, BenJarvis Green-Ellis having a career week last week. I know Bill Belichick's New England Patriots' switches is up from week to week, but the last thing this offense seems to need is Danny Woodhead. Which means there's no need for them to push him out onto the field faster than they need to. If he's on your waiver wire next week, and you're still dealing with bye week issues, go after him. But this week, let him sit.

Greg Little: Play
Yes, the Browns offense has been anemic. Yes, the Browns haven't done those minor things like "move the ball" or "score points," but this week Greg Little, the flashy, playmaking rookie wide receiver got a vote of confidence from the coaching staff and was promoted to starter for the Browns. What exactly does this mean? Who knows, but it seems like he'll at least get a few looks and targets as the staff will want to make their decision look like a smart one. And Little has the skills to make them right. So pop him in your lineup and see what happens. He's got nothing but upside right now. That could change from upside to downside at some point, but this is a smart, calculated gamble. If he's going to become a WR2, he may as well do it on your team. You can always cut him if he flops.

Tim Hightower: Don't Play
It's rare to say you shouldn't play a running back who's going to probably start against one of the worst run defenses in the league. But when he's starting a committee, that looks like it's leaning towards a dictatorship (with Ryan Torain acting as the dictator), it's a tough call, but you may want to sit him. It seems as though Hightower, who is coming off a tweaked knee, is fine on the ninjury front. But after Ryan Torain blew up two weeks ago, we're expecting Ryan to get the majority fo the carries. While it's tempting, and probably hurts, to see your 5-7th round draft pick get upstaged by a waiver wire pickup, this is the tough decision fantasy football owners have to make to win leagues. We expect Hightower to get 10 touches and put up 50 yards. If he's lucky enough to add a touchdown to that line, then he's worth playing. But if you have someone on your bench who will get 15-20 touches, put him in instead. You can never bank on touchdowns, and we always opt for the guy who should get more touches.