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Dez Bryant Practices Saturday; Looks Good to Go on Monday

It looks like Dez Bryant will be good to go for Monday night's Cowboys-Redskins game. After missing practice Thursday and Friday with a quad injury, Bryant was back in pads on Saturday, which is exactly what fantasy football owners wanted to hear.

The slate of injuries affecting the Cowboys is well-known. Between Tony Romo's broken ribs, Miles Austin's hamstring and Felix Jones' shoulder, Dallas is spending more time in the infirmary than on the field.

But now that Dez is going to play, this should a points bonanza for his owners. Regardless of who suits up at quarterback (Jon Kitna is a very capable back-up who knows the offense as well as any other second-stringer in the league after he filled-in for the injured Romo last year). 

And while Jason Witten should see a lot of looks, the Dallas qb will have to put the ball somewhere, leaving Bryant as the recipient of many of those targets. He won't have to split any catches with Miles Austin, who's out for the next few weeks. Bryant has already shown that he's almost unstoppable (unless he's being guarded by Revis, but then again, who isn't) and he should be able to put up solid numbers against the  Redskins secondary.

Where else will the Dallas offense come from? With all of their offensive weapons dinged up or out (aside from Witten), if Bryant gets on the field, he should have, well, a field day.

The only problem with Dez this week is that he's playing on Monday Night, and you'll have to set your lineups Sunday at around noon, so you're taking a bit of a gamble by putting him in your lineup. But given the payoff, and the fact that he practiced two days before the game, it seems like it's a gamble worth taking.

Keep an eye on any breaking news about Dez on Sunday morning. Then, if you don't hear anything, put him on your starting roster, and pray to the quad Gods.