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Dwayne Bowe is a Sell High Candidate; Trade Him If You Can

Dwayne Bowe had a monster game for the Kansas City Chiefs in week 5. His seven catches for 128 yards and two touchdowns made him one of the top fantasy football performers for the week.

And that means you should trade him immediately, because he will never be worth more than he is today. The Chiefs aren't going to do much on offense this year. Matt Cassel has shown that he probably won't be a starting quarterback next season if the Chiefs get one of the top two picks in next year's draft. And while Bowe will get some touchdowns here and there, the Colts small corners were no match for Bowe's size and skill.

If the Chiefs were playing the Colts every game for the rest of the season, I would say hold onto him. But they're not.

And Bowe's production will fall back down when he goes up against teams like Pittsburgh, Chicago and the Jets later in the fantasy football playoff weeks. Meaning, you'll get very little out of him when you need him the most.

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So while Bowe will still put up some production for the rest of the season (the Chiefs will be losing a lot, so they'll be throwing a lot), but if you can find a fantasy owner who has stars in his eyes expecting Bowe to duplicate his insane production from the second half of last year, and will be willing to part with a first or second rounder for him, take that trade if you can find it.