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Even with Fred Jackson Out, C.J. Spiller Won't Live Up to Expectations

For a second-year player, it sure seems like we’ve been waiting a long time for Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller to show up. A top-10 pick from Clemson in the 2010 NFL Draft, Spiller will get the starting nod for the Bills at running back now that Fred Jackson is on injured reserved.

What does this mean for fantasy? Nothing. And that’s pretty sad when a second-year player, replacing fantasy’s current No. 3 RB, a 30-year-old back at that, won’t have half the impact of his predecessor.

Spiller, if he was good enough, would have replaced Jackson by now, or at least significantly cut into his production. Jackson carried 170 times for 934 yards and six scores and added 39 catches for 442 yards this season. Spiller, on the other hand, has carried 21 times for 115 yards and one score and has 15 catches for 82 yards.

Jackson has 67 percent of the team’s 253 carries, while Spiller has eight percent. That hardly looks like someone that’s ready to be given a full workload. Of course there is no guarantee that the cut will be that deep for Spiller, as another rookie from Carolina may get the chance to see what he can do. University of North Carolina product Johnny White has already seen 10 carries for 32 yards in his first season.

If I had to bank of who’s going to get the majority of the looks the remainder of the season, I’d lead toward White.

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Buffalo, once 4-1 this season, has lost four of five, including three in a row. After scoring at least 31 points in their first four wins, the Bills have scored no more than 24 in their last five games, and no more than 11 in their last three.

The offense is obviously on the decline. Injuries have taken their toll at the RB position, the WR position and on the offensive line. And that’s just the offense. The defense has seen a rash of injuries as well.

None of this spells success for the Bills for the remainder of the season, particularly the offense, and even moreso the running game.

Spiller has burned fantasy players nearly every time we’ve tried to insert him in our lineups during his short career. Why should the final six weeks of this season be any different?

By Corby A. Yarbrough @Corby_Yarbrough on Twitter