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Felix Jones (Hamstring) Won't Play if the Giants Win

Felix Jones has had an up and down fantasy football season in 2011. And the Cowboys running back is back on a down trend in week 16 against the Eagles.

With Felix Jones' hamstring injury calling him a game-time decision, the Cowboys staff is saying that he won't even play a snap if the Giants win their 1pm game against the New York Jets.

Due to playoff implications, if the Giants win, the Cowboys' game against the Eagles is meaningless, so they'd rather not test him. And as a fantasy owner, you just can't wait to roll the dice on Felix getting on the field.

And even if you could, he wouldn't be a good play given that he's a 50-50 shot to even play. And that has to hurt a lot of fantasy owner's hearts because the Eagles running game has been giving up giant chunks of yards this year to opposing running backs. And when most of them drafted him in the 3rd round of this year's draft, they probably assumed that he would be a big part of their team, especially when it came down to Championship week.

Sammy Morris will play a "significant role" according to Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones, but he's only an option if you are desperate. And if you're that desperate, there's probably a good chance that your team isn't still in the running for a Fantasy Football crown in week 16.

But this is just par for the course for Dallas' running back situation all year. It will be interesting to see how next year's drafts view the worth of Felix Jones and DeMarco Murray.