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Fishermen Fear Imminent Earthquake After Catching Rare Oarfish

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Mexican fishermen are warning of imminent disaster after catching the "earthquake fish."

The deep sea dwelling oarfish, or "earthquake fish", resides deep below the ocean's surface, which is why none of us have ever heard of it.  

However, Japanese mythology suggests these hideous creatures only rise to the surface to beach themselves in a ritualistic suicide of sorts warning land dwellers of imminent disaster.  

Hideous Earthquake Fish

Hideous Earthquake Fish

Earthquake fish are the world's largest bony fish with the maximum length of 56-feet.  

The rare catch took place off the coast of Sinaloa, Mexico, where its captors tossed their prize in a pick up truck bed laughing and pointing as the fish flailed back and forth gasping for life.  

"Silver in color, footage of the monster has emerged showing it on the back of a truck in Sinola, Mexico, on October 5. With a long flat body, it looks like it’s part snake, part fish, and part eel. It is in fact a deep-sea oarfish, a monster used to operate in the low-light world between 200 and 1000 meters below sea level."

This catch being the second in just a couple weeks, I suggest we all Drop, Cover and Hold On!